Bible Journaling Challenge: The Veil

Bible Journaling ChallengeWelcome to Tuesdays to Create, a weekly Bible journaling challenge where we are nearing the end of our Lenten study and focus on the Cross!

At the beginning of Lent, we all chose a personal struggle to give to God permanently and we focused on “the quiet place”. We are now taking our journey to the Cross by reading the account of the sacrifice of Jesus in all of the Gospels. Today we are focusing in Luke when Jesus is actually hanging on the cross.

Tune in and learn about the veil tearing in the Temple and what it could mean in your heart!

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  1. Use your favorite medium for this entry.
  2. Google something like “Flower doodles” and choose the image you want to copy and print it. Plan on shadow tracing it. I liked this doodle from lizzy’s designs.
  3. Ask God these questions: Do I have a veil in my heart that is keeping You out? If so, what is the root of that veil?
  4. Then ask God rip that veil and shine His glory into that place and ask Him how you should act differently now that the veil has been torn.
  5. After you journal your thoughts and reflects, use the doodles you found and slip them behind your journaling Bible page to shadow trace them. Use them to frame you and highlight your entry! Remember to keep it simple!
  6. Don’t forget to share your entry on Instagram using #TuesdaystoCreate!

DSC05624 (2)

Overall, I think this entry turned out nicely. I’m still struggling with finding a good angle to record at but is also comfortable for me to draw…this was not one of those comfortable angles.

Also, I enjoyed creating this one more because it is more my style with the notes and watercolor. From now on, my tutorials will be more like this one: simple and combines notes.

I’m excited to see your lovely design! Share it on Instagram using #TuesdaystoCreate or in the comments below!

Much love,


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