Bible Journaling Challenge: Pencil Art

Bible Journaling Challenge- (2)Welcome to Tuesdays to Create, a weekly Bible journaling challenge hosted by Amanda Schenkenberger, creator of Move the Mountains.

This week we will continue talking about the Cross and Lent while also challenging ourselves to try some pencil art. Amanda has a short message about speaking truth and forgiveness and showing us the principles of colored pencils!

Tune in below to learn more about pencil art in your journaling Bible!


If you are interested in getting your own journaling Bible or want the pencil art supplies Amanda used in the video, visit or email Amanda at


  1. Read Mark 14-16 with a specific focus on the garden of Gethsemane.
  2. Choose what you would like to draw that highlight from the scene in the garden: An olive tree, praying hands, etc.
  3. Find a drawing or photo of what you would like to draw and print it out to use as a reference/trace.
  4. Slowly begin drawing/tracing your picture.
  5. Once you have the outline, decide in your head where you want the light to come from in your drawing, and begin with your lightest color.
  6. Build up your color slowly and methodically. Slowly add the darker colors to the shadier side of your drawing.
  7. Principles of Pencils: Remember to take your time to BUILD UP YOUR COLOR, USING A LIGHT AMOUNT OF PRESSURE, and to BLEND YOUR COLORS TOGETHER.
  8. Pencils are a challenging medium, especially if you are not used to drawing. Take your time.
  9. Writing: Ask God if you are harboring any unforgiveness in your heart, and if you are, toward whom. Verbally and on paper, forgive this person and ask God how He would like to “seal the deal of forgiveness”. You may need to go through some extra steps to bring healing to your heart and the other person.

DSC05071 (2)

As I said in the video, I am new to pencil art and I don’t demonstrate the principles of pencils very well. I’m not in love with my leaves but then again, they do have an impressionist feel to them. My trunk and branches turned out well, but overall, I don’t feel like this tree is very cohesive and I’m not excited about sharing this video.

But like I said in the video, you must embrace your journey! Your journey in Bible journaling reflects your walk with Christ and as you understand Him better (or how to use pencils better), things will naturally become more beautiful.

If you would like to learn more about asking God to accelerate your artistic abilities, click here to read my story. I also had the privilege of writing 3 other lovely ladies artistic stories, click here to read those.

Thank you for joining me in for another week of Tuesdays to Create! Please share your pictures using the #TuesdaystoCreate on Instagram or in the comments below!

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