Bible Journaling Challenge: What’s the Point?

Bible Journaling Challenge- (1)Welcome to Tuesdays to Create, a weekly Bible journaling challenge from Move the Mountains. Being a week into our Lenten Challenge, you may be wondering, “What’s the point of this?” I’m here to give you a deeper look and hopefully, grow your faith.

If you chose a difficult thing give to God for Lent, you’re probably having a mini pity party for yourself right now. I know I am.

When things get tough, it can be easy to forget our why or loose sight of the end result. That is what I want to remind you of today!

I want you to get ready to dig into God’s Word with some major journaling!


  1. Read Isaiah 58:6-12 and journal about what God is setting you free from (verse 6) and then what you will look like when you are completely free from it (verse 11-12).
  2. Read Psalm 34:15-18 and journal your heart cries to God. Tell Him how this is hard for you and that you need Him.
  3. Read Psalm 28:6-7 and journal how you will trust in God, how He has helped your heart, and give Him thanks. Remember that you have a comforter and a helper who will never leave you, and that is the Holy Spirit (John 14:16-17). If you don’t know what to pray because your heart hurts so much, the Holy Spirit will pray for you (Romans 8:26).
  4. In your Bible or art journal, draw a diagram like I showed in the video about how your brain processes thoughts via neural pathways. Think it about it in relation to what you’ve given up. Draw a line (a neural pathway) to the lie, then draw another line (a neural pathway) to the truth. Erase the line to the lie and make the line to the truth bold. Remember, you are in the process of doing this in your brain, give yourself grace and trust God’s Word over the enemy’s lie.
  5. Share your art on Instagram using #TuesdaystoCreate!

DSC04960 (2)You can get fancy and add color or you can keep it simple like I did in pencil above. It depends on what you have time for!

Be brave dear heart, these first few weeks are the toughest but we have God as our strength and He will never fail us. His Word is true and His love is stronger than a hurricane!

Seek Him in your quiet place and draw upon His endless well of life for refreshing!

Peace and Love,



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