Bible Journaling Challenge: Lent and Handwriting Tutorial

Bible Journaling ChallengeWelcome to Tuesdays to Create, a weekly Bible journaling challenge from Move the Mountains. Today, I will be continuing on the topic of Lent and giving a handwriting tutorial.

Last week we focused on finding something to give up to God for Lent. It was probably something that was based on an emotional wound that keeps us from living in God’s truth.

With Lent beginning tomorrow, I want us to remember why we can do this…because Jesus has set us free. Let’s open our Bibles to Luke 4 and talk about a few techniques that can help us improve our handwriting!


Written instructions:

Today, I want you to remember why you can give up this thing you are giving up for Lent: Christ has set you free.

Lent begins tomorrow and beginning a new habit can be difficult for the first 20 days, but usually after that things start to get easier. So, for this first half stretch of Lent, it is important for you to focus on your why.

1. Either in your journaling Bible or on copy paper or in your journal, I want you to write: “Christ has set me free”, or “Jesus has set me free”. Focus on the tools that I talk about using: a pencil with a good eraser, a ruler, and above all, an alphabet to copy!

2. Read Luke 4:14-21 and write about it in relation to what you are giving up, so in these first few days where the difficulty will be at its highest, you will have something you can refer back to and encourage yourself.

3. Remember that what you are doing is a choice and it is honoring God and He is so pleased with you for taking His Word seriously. Going to that quiet place with Him will be key in learning to draw upon His strength.

****Free Printable****
Here is a printable that was shared during the Bible Journaling eCourse Challenge that will help you fill in the gaps!

Do something today that your future self will thank you for!

do somethingyour future self will

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