Psalm 119: Write the Word. Pray the Word.

Reblog from one of my favorite bloggers: Candace Crabtree

Psalm-119-Write-the-Word-Pray-the-Word-2-480x480You all LOVED the Ephesians: Write the Word. Pray the Word. (I loved it, too! If you haven’t seen it yet, you can write and pray the book of Ephesians in 27 days.) So I decided to try another portion of Scripture that would take a month or less to write out.
If you want to make God’s Word more of a priority and TREASURE, I encourage you to spend the next few weeks writing and praying through Psalm 119. It is one of my very favorite Psalms!

Why Write The Word?

Take a quick moment and think about the things you write down throughout your day. Now, you may be more digital than I am, but I still WRITE in an actual paper planner, I write down my grocery list, notes to my kids, in my prayer journal…you get the idea.

But, why do we write things down?

We write things down that we want to remember.

Why wouldn’t we want to write down the most important Words there are?

His Word is life to us — write it down!

His Word is a treasure — treat it as such!

His Word is comfort to us — allow Him to comfort you as you write.

His Word is conviction to us through His Holy Spirit — soften your heart as you write. Allow the Holy Spirit to work in your life as you write and pray His Word.

Write the Word PDF


Lenten Scriptures to Write & Pray

Stay tuned because I have a brand new Write the Word. Pray the Word. calendar coming that will be just for LENT, which starts early this year! Lent starts on Feb. 10th this year. Come back to the blog to find that new schedule of verses that will take us through the last days of Jesus. It will go live on the blog next week.

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If you’d like some online encouragement as you write the Word and pray the Word, please join me {nearly} daily by looking for the hashtag #PrayingTheScriptures or find my account at candacecrabtree. Please leave your own pictures of your time in God’s Word with the hashtag also!

More Praying the Scriptures Resources

I have FREE monthly Scripture calendar printables that can be found here! Join me on Instagram with the hashtag #PrayingTheScriptures

Join me in WRITING the Word and PRAYING the Word through the book of Ephesians!

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You can learn more about Candace Crabtree, #prayingthescriptures, and discover helpful resources by visiting her blog:

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