Bible Journaling Challenge: Tuesdays to Create

New Bible Journaling Challenge Series: Tuesdays to Create

New Bible Journaling Challenge Series-Yes, you’ve been asking, you may have even been praying for this…I am very excited to announce that I will be continuing the Bible Journaling Challenge!¬†Because so many of the lovely ladies from the Bible Journaling eCourse Challenge have asked Angie Gordon and I to keep doing challenges, we decided to make it a regular thing on my blog!

Just like in the Bible Journaling eCourse Challenge, I will be recording a 5 minute video with art and journaling tutorials based on Scripture!

To get your first assignment, watch the Bible Journaling Challenge: Tuesdays to Create video below!

Tell me:

  1. What art techniques do you want to learn about?
  2. What topic in Scripture would you like to study?
  3. Did you participate in the Bible Journaling eCourse Challenge?

Write your answers in the comments below!


3 thoughts on “Bible Journaling Challenge: Tuesdays to Create

    • Move the Mountains says:

      Hi Jordan! Thanks for reaching out about joining Tuesdays to Create. I apologize if you clicked on any broken links, while I’m revamping my website, it can be tricky! If you would like to sign up, you can visit this sign up page here:

      We are starting a new mini series next week!


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