4 Amazing Bible Verses about Hope to Have in Your Home


4 Amazing Bible VersesHave you ever found that reading encouraging Bible verses in the midst of a trial can be very empowering? Situations can look bleak but after reading the word of God, you suddenly feel inspired and ready to face the day!

What if you read those verses all the time? You would constantly be reminded God is for you, that He is with you wherever you go, and that with Him, nothing is impossible.

Have you thought about adding verse art to your home decor? There are so many options, I can’t even begin to tell you about all of them! Let me show you a few of my favorites and get you properly inspired!

1. Romans 8:31

romans 8 31

What inspires more hope than knowing God is for you and nothing can stand against you!? Romans 8:31 can be encouraging in dark times and prosperous times. It can fill you with hope to face the day or keep charging ahead!

PaperCanoePrintables is an Etsy shop with Instant downloads. This one is only $5 and you can print it as soon as you buy it. While I have an nice inkjet printer, I still like to buy pretty things like this and have them printed at Costco or Walgreens.

I really like Steph, the owner of this shop, because she offers an array of styles for prints. Not all of them are flower prints, Steph also offers bicycles, arrows and watercolor styles. Check here to visit her shop!

2. Luke 1:37

luke 1 37Knowing that whatever you face, God is bigger than the problem, can be so comforting! It is a perfect verse to put in the living room of your home because this beautiful reminder can rekindle the fires of hope.

This is a vinyl wall decal from Overstock.com. If you have not tried using a wall decal before, they can be kind of tricky; it is important to follow the instructions the manufacturer sends you. Click here to see if they still have it in stock!

3. Joshua 1:9
joshua19This art comes from my own Etsy shop! Beginning the New Year with a brave tone is an excellent choice. This was actually the verse I chose last year to use as my “theme”.

I’ve had to be strong and courageous in ways I’ve never thought was possible! I stayed strong by doing very simple things: finding quiet time in my secret place with Him, by choosing wisdom, and persevering. These are not my usual “Hear me roar!” fashion!

I offer this art print on a high quality Giclee paper (it looks cottony), which gives it a rustic feel. Visit my Etsy shop to see the details, click here!

4. Psalm 91:4

psalm 91 4For our last Bible verse about hope, I chose Psalm 91:4. When everything looks bad, when you feel 9 feet under and low on oxygen, know that you can find shelter in God.

God cares about your heart, He tends to it like a garden. Make sure you leave the gate unlocked for Him so that He can plant beautiful flowers or nutritious food. Let Him weed the thistles and the nettles.

This Etsy shop is called RiOak Western Design, and I’ve ordered from the shop owner, Ashley, myself. Her wood signs are goregeous and full of color, she certainly does not skimp on vibrancy! I love my “Find your adventure” sign and I highly recommend her shop! Click here to visit it!

God has filled this world with beautiful things, and many people are out there honoring Him by creating beautiful pieces that reflect the heart of His words.

Bring God’s hope-filled Scripture into your home and be constantly reminded of His loving presence and gentle heart toward you.

Peace and love,

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