The Gift of Joy Giveaway: Enter Now!

The Gift of Joy Giveawaywordpress (1)Do you like getting free stuff? Would you like the chance to win a Journaling Bible? How about a Journaling Bible for yourself and a friend?!

Oh yeah, we just went there. We are celebrating the Christmas Season with the 1st Annual Gift of Joy Giveaway! Move the Mountains wants to give you and a friend the gift of scripture!

The word of God is life and there is no better way to bless someone’s spirit than with a Bible. And what’s better yet? A Journaling Bible! If you want to enter now, click the button below!

giftofjoygiveawaybutton (2)

Ok, we should probably talk about the rules. GOOD NEWS, there are not a lot!

  1. The Grand Prize Winner will receive a Journaling Bible for herself and a friend. She will be notified via email on the 8th and must respond within 3 days or another winner will be chosen. Sad face. Please don’t make us choose another winner.
  2. The TWO Runners Up will receive Prayer Journals for themselves and a bestie, too! They will also be notified on the 8th and must respond within 3 days or other winners will be chosen.
  3. All winners are chosen at random.
  4. Each winner must agree to having their first name, last initial, and state to be shared with all the participants.
  5. Only US participants may win.

Boom! That is it! Sounds like a sweet deal, right? We love to you bless you guys and look forward to seeing who wins.

To enter, click below and type your name and email address!

giftofjoygiveawaybutton (2)

BTW- You should probably share this cool giveaway with your friends! Below, you can choose to share this on Facebook, Pinterest, and even in a personal email! Your girlfriends will thank you for it!

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