The FREE Bible Journaling eCourse Challenge, Get Started Today!


Start your New Year off with God (2)Excuse the all caps, but I had to shout it from the rooftops! I’m VERY excited to announce a special collaboration with a new friend, Gathered and Sown!

Gathered and Sown is a Christian business created by the lovely Angie Gordon, another work at home mom who is in love with Jesus. Angela’s creations include leather Bible covers, journaling notebook covers, purses, wristlets, and more! Her stuff is beautiful and I totally admire her work with the sewing machine!

Angie is a Bible journaler herself and loves leading women into a deeper relationship with God. She is excited to encourage women through this art form, and if you are as excited as we are, you are going to want to know some details!

I want to sign up now, who cares about details!? This sounds awesome!


What is this FREE Bible Journaling eCourse Challenge about?

DSC03817 (2)Coming in 2016, we will start the New Year off right by devoting time to God everyday for 31 days. During our time with Him, we will be focusing on His word and Bible journaling!

It will be a challenge because 31 days straight will take a strong commitment from you, but I can tell you, God is worth it! We will have grace/rest days incorporated but everyday we will be in God’s word.

This will be an eCourse because it will be instructive in Bible journaling. We will challenge your perception (or educate you) on what Bible journaling should be and how to use God’s word to align your heart with His for writing and crafting.

We will deliver this eCourse in video and written format. Everyday of the challenge, you will receive an email from us with a lesson for the day. We will demonstrate the lesson and have a written action plan for you to follow to help you stay on track.

What will I learn?

DSC04112 (2)Angela and I will start out with the basics of Bible journaling, focusing on one aspect of it at a time and then incorporating them together as the challenge continues.

You will learn about using scripture as a writing prompt, fluid journaling, handlettering, painting, scrapbooking, prayer, and so much more! You are going to learn a lot!

How much time will I have to set aside?

Our videos will be 5 minutes or less but the time you devote to completing the action steps will be 15 minutes or more, depending on your schedule.

Giving God 15 minutes of your time everyday should be a norm but for many of us, it is not. Angela and I know from experience that forsaking this time with God is detrimental to a relationship with Him and harmful to our spiritual selves.

This is a huge reason why we have decided to host the challenge: We want to encourage you ladies to grow a genuine relationship with God, and as you know, relationships take time.

By joining the challenge, you’ll have some accountability and prompts to help you form the habit of giving Him at least 15 minutes of your time everyday. We hope that the challenge will help you set this habit for the rest of your life.

Depending on the time you have to dedicate and your level of experience, you could devote an entire hour or more everyday! But let’s start with 15 minutes. 🙂

What supplies do I need?

bj10challengeOn Saturday, November 21st, we will release a necessary supply list and a suggested supply list that you can add to your Black Friday shopping and your Christmas list. In order for you to receive this list, you will need to sign up for the challenge!


I know some of you are going to be super stoked for this challenge, so let me tell you how to sign up: Click that button below…


Boom, that is it. Put in your email and you’ll receive a message from us thanking you for signing up and some more details.

So, sign up today and get really excited for the New Year because we are going to have some FFUUUNNN!

BTW- Stay tuned for the announcement for the GIFT OF JOY GIVEAWAY, it is going to be pretty sweet!

5 thoughts on “The FREE Bible Journaling eCourse Challenge, Get Started Today!

  1. Holly says:

    I am absolutely loving this new experience in studying Gods word. Thank you so much for this and looking forward to possibly a continuation of this after 31 days 😉

    God Bless 💗


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