5 Helpful Tips about How to Intentionally Read Scripture

5 Helpful Tips about How toSometimes reading the Bible is hard. I love the Word and I love God but it is just plain difficult sometimes.

As a busy woman, I have a to-do list running in my head: I have a husband who is after my affections, kids shouting for my attention, friends who need to be loved on, and then of course, there is Facebook, emails, and my website.

Many of you have similar lives and feel the same: we know we should/need to read the Word of God…but how do I fit it in?

We fit it in by being intentional. So, here are 5 tips to help you intentionally read Scripture!

butterflies1. Look at the Bible with the right heart.

This is God’s love letter to you. In it, He tells you how important you are, why Jesus thought you were worth the cost of His perfect blood, and how to bring others into His kingdom.

Who doesn’t want to read a love letter full of adventure and challenges that calls you to be a powerful heroine in which you help to rescue the poor and show them their worth? Seriously, we shouldn’t be able to put this book down!

2. Join a plan with a friend.

I highly suggest that pick a plan with a friend or two so that you ladies can hold each other accountable and share what you are learning. There are many plans to choose from, your Bible probably has the “Bible in One Year Plan” but many apps also have this and more. You can choose a small goal in the beginning (2-3 week plan) and work up to bigger plans once you have established your Bible reading habits.

DSC01906 (2)3. Make a public commitment to God.

Tell your Facebook friends, small group girls, and church leaders that you are committing to reading the Bible everyday with the plan you chose (there is probably even a “share” icon if you choose an app plan). These people can help hold you accountable, but also, once you make a public commitment, you don’t want to disappoint people by not following through and more importantly, you don’t want to slap God in the face.

If you share with people that you are going to read the Bible everyday and then don’t, it is like you are saying, “See how important God is to me? Oh wait, He isn’t that important. Don’t take Him or me seriously.” I’m pretty sure none of you want to convey that message.

4. Set an alarm on your phone.

Despite the best intentions, the day can get away from you and as you drift to sleep at the end of it, the thought will finally pop into your head that you need to read the Word.

To avoid this scenario, it is best to get up 15 minutes earlier everyday to read Scripture but this isn’t possible for everyone. So, make sure to set an alarm everyday for a time you know that you’ll have a solid 10-15 minutes to devote to the Bible.

DSC01887 (2)5. Share what you are learning.

You retain new information by reteaching what you have just learned up to 90% better than if you had just read it and not talked about it. This is another reason why it is important read a plan with a friend or two.

But you don’t have to stop there! You can share it with fellow believers, in a forum (many Bible reading apps have forums), or with co-workers. Get out there and reteach it!

Despite these helpful tips, you are still going to have to make a choice and be disciplined about your time with God. He is your papa, He wants to love one you and show you how important you are.

flowersSo, make sure to check your heart motivation. Sometimes God wants you to just be obedient but He ALWAYS wants your heart. Get into the God’s love letter with a heart of thankfulness and praise and follow these helpful tips!

Were these tips helpful for you?

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