God Sees Your Emerging Potential, Do You?

potentialAs I sat at the bottom of the stairs with my 9 month old, his little mouth gaped as he surveyed the many steps. The expression on his sweet face said, “Wow.”

I told him that I didn’t think he would make it to the top before nap time (it has taken 9 months to climb the first step). But I told him, “Soon you’ll be climbing these stairs like it was nothing, like your big brother.”

To him, this seems impossible, he is just a baby. “Soon” seems like never in his one minute mind.

In this mommy moment I had a revelation, sometimes we sit at the bottom of the stairs with God with our mouths agape.

God says, “You see these stairs? You are going to be running up them in no time,” as we sit on our bums at the bottom like babes.

Maybe the stairs signify your whole life, maybe they represent your next couple of months, maybe they are the end to a life long bad habit. Whatever your metaphoric stairs are, God is confident you can not just climb them, but you’ll be able to run up them.

After all, 10 months ago my baby hadn’t even breathed oxygen and now here he is, contemplating the stairs. I know my baby is small right now but I also know that he will grow. My experience tells me that he will grow bigger and stronger and the stairs will be a breeze, something he will try taking two at a time eventually. But he doesn’t know that.

You may be God’s baby right now. That is ok. As long as your trusting in Him and growing in Him, these huge stairs will seem like nothing soon. He knows your true potential!

Right now it may seem impossible, but nothing is impossible with God (Matthew 19:26)DSC01457 (2)

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