SURPRISE: Move the Mountains Website is Launching on…


G-O-S-H! That is in less than a month!

I’m are sooo excited to share this news with you! Why?

  • I’ve been working my tush off to get this website ready for you (it is surprising I even have a tush anymore!)
  • I will have some rockin’ deals during the first month of the launch!
  • You need the tools I have developed for you to hear God better!

If I could convert blood, sweat, and tears into a digital format, they would be all over this website. I have been working around the clock to create useful tools, review products, and write Bible Studies/an eBook to help you with your walk with God.

 Hearing God: a Bible Study

The first full Bible study will be: Hearing God

and guess what… it will be FREE.

Yep, that’s right, the Bible study is free! We want you to be able to grow up in the word of God without charging you a dime.

We will be offering a Premium Bible Study Kit that give you an in depth look at the Word and help you walk out your faith in your personal life, plus it will come with our eBook.

The eBook is: An Adventurer’s Guide to Hearing the Voice of GodHearing the Voice of God

by yours truly. Don’t worry, we hired a professional to edit this bad boy, so it is sure to be good.

We will be releasing more details as the launch gets closer, but if you want to know more about these creative tools and rockin’ deals you have to sign up for our newsletter!


Want to be one of them?


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