Begin Each Day

It was the Friday before Mother’s Day and my mom and I had planned to celebrate together on this day, which means I would get to sleep in. However, the Lord told me to get up at my regular time because he wanted to talk to me about the business I’m developing.

I got up at 5:30am, put on a heavy sweater, and sat on my patio in the rising sunshine.

Begin Each Day

Listen to the birds in the morning,

hear how lovely I’ve made their voices of praise?

Look at the sky,

see how the white light washes the blue as to let you curiously peek into the future?

Feel the brisk air,

it is there to help you wake from slumbering.

Taste the boldness of your coffee,

let it set the tone for your day.

Sense the balance of your pen,

notice the small things.

Observe the blankness of the paper,

it eagerly waits to become something.

Taste and see that I am good and

begin each day as if it were on purpose.

God was encouraging me to be excited to start my days at 5:30 am. God has given me this day, this life, to create something of it. If I honor these gifts and in turn, I honor him.

Do you begin each day on purpose?

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