The Rabbit and the Bear

Every once in a while, I plan on sharing an obscure Christian artist (there are only so many good ones). Here is one of my favorites, Josh Garrels. He has an amazing vocal range and is very folksy, I lllooovvveeee his music!

Below are the lyrics to my favorite song of his, the Rabbit and the Bear. You are going to need them if you listen to it here.

Run, run so fast
Over fields and grass
At last, at last
We escaped from the trap
With the rabbit and the bear
And the sparrows of the air
Come one, come all
The hunter is gone
And this is our chance
To crawl under the wire
Through the darkest wood
On up to the mountain of fire
Where everything is free
In the light of the sun
Where every creature sings
Oh Lord, you rescued us all
Don’t listen to the snake
For he lies and he takes
Your hope, your faith
Away from you
But when the lion comes around
With his claw and his crown
Follow, follow
His every move

If you like Josh’s sound, check out his website and download his new CD, Home.


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