Ready to Break

Is there a situation in your life right now where you ready to break? You are so fed up with so and so, you could scream/cry/slap them across the face? Can I tell you a secret?

Ready to break is the best place to be.

Sounds crazy right? When I feel like I’m ready to break, it is going to get ugly. But only if I choose me. If I choose Jesus, then it is going to be glorious, and it is going to be-


When I chose salvation through Jesus, I made him my Savior and Lord. Making someone Lord of your life is huge; it means I’ve now been purchased and I’m not my own (1 Corinthians 6:19-20). Now that he is my Lord, what he asks me to do, I must do. Easier said than done.

When that friend calls me for the third time this week and asks to hang out and talk about the same problem that makes me want to rip my hair out, I check in with Jesus/Holy Spirit. What do you want me to do? He’ll answer, “Bare one another’s burdens” Galatians 6:2. I sigh, ask him for patience, and schedule a hang out time.

When my toddler asks me the same question for the 8th time in the last two minutes and I want to tell him to shut the vacuum of a hole in his face, but instead, I demand Jesus to, “Make him shut up!!!!!” He gently tells me to breath, see things from his little kid perspective AND to cherish it.

When I hear someone blasting Jesus or misquoting his word, I want to point out all the flaws of their argument and tell them that they wrong, but God nudges me and reminds me, “They have been hurt by someone in my name, they are deceived and fearful. Perfect love cast out darkness.” 1 John 4:18

Following Jesus is going to present you with the great challenge of your life: getting over you. When you decide that HIS will be done, you are going to die to yourself. I’ll repeat myself, you are going to die. Dying hurts. There are things that he wants done that you don’t want to do, so you are going to have to choose.

I’ve spent many nights on my bathroom floor weeping because what he is asking brings me to my breaking point. But on that cold tile floor, I’ve shed a layer of myself like dead skin from a snake, so that his light shines through me a little brighter.

Ready to break means ready to choose Jesus, and choosing him is the best decision you’ll ever make.

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