Jesus = You

In this world we are like Jesus. 1 John 4:17

You are like Jesus, in spirit and in truth if you are born again. It is essential that this becomes the way you think and process life, everything hinges on it. If, right now, your thoughts are saying, “But I don’t feel like Jesus.” I’m going to tell you straight to your face, it does not matter what you feel, the Bible says you are like Jesus, therefore YOU ARE LIKE JESUS.

If you plan on being a Christian and having a true relationship with God, then you have to understand that the Bible is the end all, be all, word of truth. The Bible is the bottom line. The Bible is God’s word to everyone. The Bible is the standard of truth.

Now, don’t take this as me thinking that your feelings don’t matter or aren’t legit. I’ve been there. As I shout back at my tantrumming toddler or tell my husband to get out of my face, I certainly don’t feel like Jesus. But does that change who I am to God? While I react from a place of hurt, does my place in God’s kingdom change?

The answer is no.

Wow, isn’t that cool? God is so good.

The reason that it is a challenge to plant this idea firmly in our hearts is because of what the world has taught us. The world teaches that when you act poorly, people will withdraw their love and lower their opinion of you. God does not do that. God’s amount of love for you is not dependent on how you are acting. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever (Hebrew 3:18) and he loves you unconditionally because he is love (1 John 4:8).

Our experience, i.e. the world, says you aren’t like Jesus because you don’t always act like him. But God call us to not base our thought life on experience but to renew our mind to truth so that we can be transformed and do the will of God, which is what Jesus would do (Romans 12:2). The only person who can decide if this is truth for your life is you. Not your dad, not your spouse, not your pastor, only you. Pray, make your decision, and do not look back.

Jesus = You

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